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Gomedic is a leading producer of renewable fuels capable of using multi feedstock to produce biodiesel on a continuous production process on a commercial-scale.

Our first 100,000 tonnes per annum biodiesel refinery is located at Pulau Indah, Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, and the second refinery adjacent to the first refinery will be completed by early 2012 providing for a combined capacity of 250,000 tonnes of biodiesel per annum.

The excellent location of the plant in Pulau Indah is to take advantage of dedicated facilities, a deep water port and well established refining and oil handling infrastructure. We utilises proven biofuels technology sourced from Desmet Ballestra, an international supplier of oleochemical equipment.

Our vision is to be a global leader in the biodiesel industry with a strong and sustainable growth profile. We are focused on producing consistent, premium biodiesel to supply our local, regional and global customers. As a player within the renewable energy sector, Gomedicís biodiesel facilities are designed to handle multiple feedstocks, allowing us to better manage our feedstock supply and margins hence giving us greater flexibility when selling our biodiesel. Our aim is to create a low risk, sustainable business and strive continuously to seek avenues to improve product quality and improve our competitiveness via R & D efforts.

We are a proven team using proven technology and a viable business model to create a profitable and sustainable business in a competitive market thatís here to stay. The volatile growing biodiesel industry over the past years provided learning and the Company has emerged leaner, stronger and more robust. The Company has increased its authorized and paid up capital to RM50.0 mil and RM27.2 mil respectively to meet the needs of the Company in terms of capital contribution for the plant as well as for working capital purposes. Gomedic Sdn Bhd is an 80% owned subsidiary of Lees Concept Sdn Bhd with the balance of shareholders comprising of individuals and business associates of the Company.

Our primary feedstock, palm oil is sourced from members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. We recognise the importance of sourcing palm oil from RSPO certified producers to comply with social and environmental responsibility and not just based on economics. We are also aware of the growing concern that biofuels demand competes directly with food demand causing great concern worldwide. In fact, it was a concern of ours from the very beginning. Thatís why we continue to invest in developing non-food alternative feedstocks produced from inedible oils such as jatropha oil. We aim to be a market leader in renewable energy by integrating an Earth-friendly and Food-friendly feedstock strategy with the production of high-quality fuels.